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Night Zero

GoDaddy Installatron

Stats for GoDaddy’s WordPress

  • Version 8.1 installed for free (Gnu Public License)
  • 21 MBytes
  • A single blogging sub domain of DeepCoder
  • Only 3 themes (wordpress.com free account has many more)
  • auto magic MySQL database (Thank you Installatron)

After a light exploration of customizations for the install, theme, and settings I think we can spend significant time learning WordPress nomenclature and capabilities.

First Code Evaluation

Let us look at what goes into HTML <title> tag which gets placed on a browser tab for our first page.

<title>DeepCoder's WordPress Initial Experience | Explore In Code</title>
  1. Page title is “DeepCoder’s WordPress Initial Experience”
  2. Tag line is “Explore In Code”
  3. Browser tab is “DeepCoder’s WordPress Initial Experience | Explore In Code”

A theme customization form fills in this title tag. The tag line is optional. The page header uses this same information. I don’t like tying the browser tab display to the page heading / sub-heading. Though we have not seen a favicon hook yet, so there may be hope
inside WordPress’s dashboard (hands distanced from code) — else we will have to go deeper in html or php code :-P

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