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Gratuitous Gallery


<div class="tiled-gallery type-square" ...
    <div class="tiled-gallery-item">
        <a href="https://deepcoder.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=55" border="0">
            <img width="189" height="189" ...
        <div class="tiled-gallery-caption" style="display: none;">Where We Start</div>
        <div class="tiled-gallery-caption" style="display: none;">Where We Want To Go</div>

The WordPress Chunk theme gallery code opens with CSS classes for a tiled-gallery of type-square layout. Then the item gets its own div and class tiled-gallery-item. The item is actually an image (img tag) wrapped in a link (a tag).

Nice, except my theme throws away my carefully worded captions as seen in the last lines with local (read low tech, poor style) style=”display: none;“.


Happy after publishing the post as my captions show up in a hover event.  But there is a mystery which begs deeper code browsing.  While there are CSS hover sections, the low level HTML local style=”display: none; gets dynamically overwritten at the HTML level by some script.  Firebug shows me a goodly number of javascripts. And we know that WordPress uses PHP such that we may need FirePHP to go deep into this code.

Stay tuned as we learn about Firebug and FirePHP for HTML/CSS delving with the Inspect-Element button and progress to deeper looks at script code.

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Coder’s Block

This whole idea of letting WordPress write my code in this Visual, What You See Is What You Get editor feels like coding with a paint brush. WordPress tries to support our artistry. Creative blocks in a coder relate to grabbing a can of Mountain Dew, and relate in an artist to reaching toward insatiable angst.

My chains are not your chains.

Restrain flickers till they shine as flames.

Withhold inadequate lines in the shadow of their future elegance.

When in doubt – read code.

        <p style=”text-align:center;>My chains are not your chains.</p>

Read a Code to Unlock Coder’s Block

The code inside the art of a poem can be offset with a blockquote tag.  Ahhh back to the comfortable productivity of code.  Each line is broken with a p tag leaving an uncontrolled line spacing.  Doth WordPress need lend us a Poem format?

Local style without the beauty of eternal Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for a truly poetic style lets us text-align: center; for a modicum of expression.

No wonder I suffer from Coder’s Block.

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