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Installatron Announces WordPress 3.9

My GoDaddy Installatron announced an available update to WordPress version 3.9 on April 17, 2014.

While currently forced to use for Robin’s class my .org site is languishing, and apparently hurting my Google ranking by having two deepcoder sites.

While waiting for class to end… we can hold off on the upgrade and see if it becomes forced by WordPress.  Presumably automatically and transparently updates in a easy to take blue pill.

Deepcoder can’t wait to take the Red Pill and find truth in the rabit hole.

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Night Zero

GoDaddy Installatron

Stats for GoDaddy’s WordPress

  • Version 8.1 installed for free (Gnu Public License)
  • 21 MBytes
  • A single blogging sub domain of DeepCoder
  • Only 3 themes ( free account has many more)
  • auto magic MySQL database (Thank you Installatron)

After a light exploration of customizations for the install, theme, and settings I think we can spend significant time learning WordPress nomenclature and capabilities.

First Code Evaluation

Let us look at what goes into HTML <title> tag which gets placed on a browser tab for our first page.

<title>DeepCoder's WordPress Initial Experience | Explore In Code</title>
  1. Page title is “DeepCoder’s WordPress Initial Experience”
  2. Tag line is “Explore In Code”
  3. Browser tab is “DeepCoder’s WordPress Initial Experience | Explore In Code”

A theme customization form fills in this title tag. The tag line is optional. The page header uses this same information. I don’t like tying the browser tab display to the page heading / sub-heading. Though we have not seen a favicon hook yet, so there may be hope
inside WordPress’s dashboard (hands distanced from code) — else we will have to go deeper in html or php code :-P

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