1. DeepCoder.com offers a code based view of the world.
    1. Code behind the Web:
      1. HTML
      2. CSS
      3. Javascript
      4. PHP ↔ MySQL(database)
      5. Content Management Systems
        1. WordPress
        2. Some choice of Drupal / Joomla / Node.js
    2. Code behind Data Mining
      1. Introduction to Data Mining and Statistics
      2. Energy Data
        1. Use
        2. Conservation
        3. Solar
          1. Thermal
          2. Electric
          3. Storage
      3. Web Page Data / Search Engine Optimization
  2. deepcoder.wordpress.com is a student site for Robin’s WordPress.com Class.
  3. wp.DeepCoder.com is the future WordPress.org home of this blog.

One thought on “About

  1. Such a cool site! Really informative. And to offer a video of a happy bunny? Made my day. Cheers, R

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